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What is the Best Technology for Hair Transplantation?

The latest and most common technology still applied in the shooting phase is the “Micro Motor” technique.

Hair transplant surgeries are two-stage. The first is the transfer of hair follicles as much as the planned number of grafts taken from the nape, and the second stage is the transplantation of these hair follicles to the targeted area. The latest and most common technology still applied in the shooting phase is the “Micro Motor” technique. The most common and advanced technology used in follicle transplantation is the “DHI Pen technique”. This technique is the latest technology used. We get 98% customer satisfaction with DHI pen Technique. Thanks to this technique, more natural appearance and guaranteed planting operations are performed.

When Can I Cut or Shave My Hair?

After hair transplantation, you should apply good care and not touch your hair for at least 3 weeks. At the end of 3 weeks, you can start styling your hair. However, it is not possible to completely shave or cut your hair until the sixth month of the recovery period.

How Long Is It Between Two Hair Transplant Operations?

If the need for a second operation arises after the first hair transplant, the ideal time between two hair transplant operations is at least 12 months. However, in some exceptional cases, doctors may prefer to have it done after six months.

Who Can Have a Hair Transplant?

Anyone over the age of 18 who has hair problems due to age, hormonal and genetic disorders/conditions can have a hair transplant.

Before Hair Transplant Operation?

Health problems : Before starting the operation, if you have health problems, you should definitely tell your doctor. If you have medications that you use regularly, consult your doctor and get your doctor’s approval for the surgery.

Medication: For example, which you use regularly 3 days before starting the hair transplant operation after getting approval from your doctor; You should stop using blood thinners such as aspirin.

We can perform your operations with the latest technology at Medical Park Hospital in Antalya.

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