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Things to Know About DHI Beard Transplantation

With this technique, our customers have a more comfortable operation and feel less pain. The satisfaction rate is 98%.

With this technique, our customers have a more comfortable operation and feel less pain.

Is Beard Transplantation Understandable?

No. In beard transplantation, since sufficient density is given with the DHI pen technique and the planting is done according to the direction of growth of the beard, it is not understood whether beard transplantation is done or not. DHI pencil technique is the latest technology among the applications in this field. With the skills of specialist doctors, 98% customer satisfaction was achieved in this regard.

Is this Operation Risk?

There is no risk in this operation. Only very sensitive skins may experience a slight pinkness for 1-2 months after the operation. However, this is a temporary situation. Within 1-2 months, this pinkness will pass.

Who Can Have Beard Transplantation?

Beard transplantation can be done to men who are over 18, healthy and have beard problems.

Is Beard Transplantation a Painful Procedure?

In beard transplantation, the patient only feels pain during the application of anesthesia. With the latest pressurized anesthesia technique, we were able to minimize surgical pain by using very few needles. Therefore, beard transplantation can be defined as a painless procedure. Of course, the patient’s pain threshold is important at this point. Our customers with a low pain threshold are evaluated during the operation.

When Will You Get Results From Beard Transplantation?

The last time to get results from beard transplantation is 1 year.

Before this period, you are expected to protect the planted areas.

We can perform your operations with the latest technology at Medical Park Hospital in Antalya.

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